3 Steps on How To Make California Great Again

Actually, We can make California Better Than Ever…..

  • Step 1:  Solve our Energy Problems With Thorium Molten Salt We can convert reactors into much safer Molten Salt Reactors.  San Onofre, Livermore are just two examples of nuclear sources that aren’t even being used, sitting, begging to serve us.
  • Step 2:  Solve our Water Problems With Desalination. There is a huge water supply just west of California, it’s called the Pacific Ocean.  It’s about time we quit making excuses and use this natural advantage and finally solve our Water problems, in California.
  • Step 3:  Make the Land Green with water desalinated from Pacific Ocean.  We can turn the entire Western United States into rich green farm lands, leading to infinite prosperity.
  • Ever fly across the USA by airplane?  Ever look out the window of an airplane?  Well, along the East Coast, the US is very green.  As you fly West, it looks like a barren wasteland.  Well, we have the technology to change that.  We can turn the Western US into the best most fertile land in the world.